21+ Small Form Factor Gaming Room Setup Ideas For Gamers


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When you hear the term “small form factor gaming room“, you probably think of a small closet with a few shelves and maybe a desk.

But what if I told you that there were many other great uses for these spaces?

There are tons of cool things you can do to set up a small form factor gaming room that will blow your mind.

To set up a small form factor gaming room setup, as long as you have a desk, a gaming chair, speakers, gaming headsets, and a good bit of creativity – you can create a modern game setup in your small bedroom even with limited space. 

I’m going to share my top ideas for using small form factor gaming rooms as a gamer home office.

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What Do You Need for a Small Form Factor Gaming Setup?

Every gaming session is much better with a dedicated gaming setup or game room.

However, not all of us have enough space to create a gaming room in our house.

Fortunately, you don’t really need a dedicated room if you don’t have an extra bedroom.

All you will need is a small space or corner in your bedroom and create a small form factor gaming room setup instead.

LED Lights

You can decorate it with ambient lighting to add a more gamer vibe and fit your color schemes.

LED lighting is a staple of just about every gaming setup – whether you’ve got a big gaming room, or your setting up in a small bedroom.

The Perfect Gaming Monitor Setup

Set yourself up with gaming monitors that fit the small space.

Many pro gamers don’t use huge ultrawide monitors, or even a multi-monitor setup.

You can get away with smaller monitors like 24″ 1080p monitors.

If you want to go bigger, 32″ 1440p displays are also popular.

Of course it all depends on your available space, but when you set it up correctly, you can create a killer gaming room setup.

A Small Gaming Desk

When your space is limited, you need the perfect small gaming desk to fit your space.

Along with that desk of course you need the other essentials like, a cup holder, a comfortable chair, gaming headsets, ambient lights, RGB lighting, and of course– you will need a small form factor PC setup with a good processor and graphics cards for gaming.

If you are more of a console gamer, you probably won’t need multiple monitors or a large desk. You can save space by mounting shelves for your consoles and games, and you mount your TV and speakers, too.

Even small setups can lead to intense gaming as long as you can set it up properly. Here are examples of small gaming setups from other gamers:

This small gaming setup has everything you need to start a good gaming session. It is a minimalist setup that does not require a lot of space in a bedroom.

This setup is also very minimal. It has a small desk, one monitor, a small CPU that fits on the desk, mini speakers, modular lighting tiles, diffused lighting, and a comfy gaming chair.

If you want to maximize the little space you have, you can get inspiration from this setup. It uses an L-shaped desk that perfectly fits the corner of the room– allowing the user to get dual monitors and extra space on the side for a small monitor or laptop.

What Every Gamer Needs for a Modern Game Setup

Modern gaming setups almost always have ambient lighting. You can use RGB lighting strips, modular lights, neon signs, and other colored lighting options to make your setup look more modern.

You can also make your setup more modern, but add some retro elements, such as:

  • Wall decorations with popular game posters
  • Retro consoles and games
  • Arcade machines
  • Vintage arcade games
  • Action figures, collectibles and mini-statues

However, if you have limited space, you need to be mindful of adding too much stuff. It can quickly become clutter. A minimalist setup can be more pleasing to some people, and it allows you to focus more on being competitive in the game you are playing.

Here are a couple more things you can add to your modern/ minimalist gaming setup:

  • Cup holder
  • A comfy chair or comfy couch
  • Coffee table for console setups
  • Mini fridge

How Do You Fit a Gaming Desk in a Small Room?

Gaming desks come in different shapes and sizes. You have your small rectangular gaming desks, which are perfect for tiny spaces.

Remember when I mentioned before that you need to get creative?

Look to your corners when it comes to setting up your gaming room.

An l-shaped corner gaming desk is another fantastic solution that will really make your space feel bigger if you want to fit more monitors, consoles, and other gaming essentials.

If you don’t have space to fit a large gaming desk but want more space for your gaming gear, you can make use of hanging shelves, monitor mounts, and speaker mounts.

What is the Best Size for my Small Form Factor Gaming Room Setup

The best size is any available space in your room that you can carve out!

If you don’t have enough space, if possible, you should probably move your furniture around and remove any unnecessary objects in your room to fit your gaming setup.

If you have to, you might even need to downgrade to a twin-sized bed to fit your game setup.

It’s all about priorities 🙂

This tiny bedroom did an excellent job of fitting a gaming desk even with the limited space.

Here is another cozy setup that fits a PC gaming setup and a console setup, which is pretty clever.

How Can I Decorate My Room For Gaming?

With very limited space in a small bedroom, setting up a game station can be very challenging. If that is the case, you should prioritize your gaming before the decorations. Some decorations such as ambient lights do not consume a lot of space.

Add ambient lighting

You can add RGB light strips on the back of your desk and monitors to illuminate diffused lighting and create a streamer vibe. Plus, these mood lights can also improve your gaming experience and help prevent eye strain from long hours of gaming.

Add wall displays

You can add wall displays to save space on your desk. You can create a theme, such as retro gaming, popular games, anime, your favorite game, and more. It depends on what type of games you play and what you are into.

This console gaming setup has Sony Playstation displays that fit the theme really well.

Use hanging shelves

Small gaming rooms have little space, and that is where hanging shelves come in. You can get them installed so you can put more gaming-related accessories and displays.

This small gaming room makes use of the walls for lighting fixtures and other display pieces with all of the essential gaming accessories.

How to display game consoles?

If you have retro gaming consoles and you want to display them in your tiny game setup, you can use a bookshelf or shelves. You can make individual shelves for each console or a larger shelf that can fit the games and controllers as well.

How do I make a gaming setup without a desk?

If you don’t have a desk or enough space for a desk, you can make one yourself with some plywood. If you have a small closet in your room, it is possible to transform it into a small gaming nook with a customized hanging desk, kind of like this one:

This gaming nook makes use of the small space and has different decks for shelves.

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