The Small Bedroom Gaming Room: The Complete Guide (With 31+Examples)


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Setting up a small bedroom gaming room can be a lot more challenging because of the lack of space you have as compared to setting up a family gaming room in a larger space.

There are so many benefits to having a small bedroom gaming room.

It gives you space to play games without disturbing anyone else in the house.

It gives you space to setup and design your gaming room any way you want.

It gives you a place to set up all your gear, memorabilia and collectibles to make for an amazing, immersive gaming experience.

And so much more.

To make sure you have everything you need to have to set up a gaming room, I’ve covered the exact steps you need to take to make your small bedroom into the best possible gaming room you can create, the best gaming desk options for your setup, what you need to buy for your gaming room, along with 31 examples of what others have done so you can get some inspiration on how to set up your own small bedroom gaming room.

It’s not that hard if you know how to do it right. It all starts with putting together a good plan and then executing that plan.

I created this post to be a reference that you can refer back to it as you set up your gaming room (click here to bookmark it) and navigate around it by clicking on any of the following links to jump to that section.

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Choosing The Right Space For Your Gaming Room

When it comes to creating a game room, choosing the right space is essential for maximum enjoyment. An existing spare room or small living room can be converted into a gaming haven, while having a separate dedicated game room can be the ideal solution for avid gamers. When selecting the best space for your game room, size, location and privacy are all important factors to consider.

The size of the game room is critical as you need enough space to accommodate all your gaming equipment and furniture without feeling cramped. The location of the room should also be taken into account; you want it to be easily accessible but still provide some privacy so that you can fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience without any distractions or interruptions. Privacy is key for an enjoyable gaming experience.

It’s also wise to factor in future upgrades and expansions when selecting a suitable game room space. Ensure that there is enough extra room for additional equipment or furniture that you might add in the future – having more space than you initially require will give you plenty of flexibility moving forward.

Overall, choosing the right space for your game room is crucial if you want to have a safe and comfortable environment for gaming. Keeping size, location and privacy at the forefront of your decision making process will help ensure that your chosen space fits all your needs.

Game Room Decor and Focal Points

Having a comfortable and inviting gaming setup is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. Game room decor has the power to transform a space and make it feel more personalized. There are numerous options you can use to spruce up your game room, such as RGB lighting, storage solutions and a focal point.

RGB lighting can be used to create fun, dynamic effects that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Plus, it makes for great visual accompaniment for an immersive gaming session. Additionally, creating storage space for your gaming equipment ensures everything has its own dedicated place when not in use; this also doubles as decorative elements with open shelving designed to showcase your games collection.

Furthermore, having a focal point in your game room can add personality and purpose to the space. A big screen television is a common sight in game rooms, perfect for providing cinematic experiences during gaming sessions. Other options include pool tables or pinball machines which are good choices if you’re looking for a retro arcade vibe. Wall art also works well as a focal point and is great to inject some of your own personality into the space.

What Does A Gaming Room Need?

What Does A Gaming Room Need?

At the minimum a gaming room needs a good gaming desk, a gaming chair, a place for your memorabilia and collectibles, some good shelving to store your games and gear, outstanding lighting, and above all else, a really solid internet connection. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small bedroom gaming room or you’ve got a big dedicated space to your passion.

And getting started with your gaming space can be really simple or as intricate as you’d like.

Getting started could be a simple task, like adding some cool LED ambient lighting.

It could be getting yourself a new gaming chair.

It could be something where you go big by building out an entertainment center in your war room.

Or maybe it’s something bigger creating your game room design starting from scratch.

Whatever it is, there are plenty of ways to improve your gaming experience and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your favorite game in a dedicated gaming space.

You will still need at least these 7 items to start building your gaming room.

  • A Good Gaming Desk
  • A Gaming Chair
  • Shelves To Store Your Gear
  • The Right Equipment
  • Theater Accessories
  • A Reliable Internet Connection
  • The Right Decor

Still curious? Click here to learn more about what a gaming room needs.

Gaming Equipment & Storage

Creating the perfect game room is all about having the right gaming equipment. It’s important to find a balance between what you’ll need and what interests you, so that you can have the best gaming experience possible. A few essential pieces of equipment include gaming consoles, board games, and video games.

It’s also important to think about how you’ll store your equipment. Because they take up space, it’s beneficial to have dedicated storage for your gaming items. Not only will this keep them organized and easy to find when you want to game, but it can also help protect your equipment from damage and ensure that it remains in good condition for longer. Not only this, but as more people join your gaming group or as your collection grows larger, it’s helpful to have extra storage for accessories such as extra controllers or comfy chairs- so everyone can get in on the fun!

Having the correct gaming equipment and storage space is key for creating an entertaining game room experience. With these two elements sorted out, you’ll be able to create an environment that allows for hours of fun with friends and family. Investing in high-quality items ensures that you have everything necessary for hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

Gaming Furniture and Seating Area

When creating the perfect game room, having comfortable furniture is key. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of your computer or console so it’s important that you have seating options that are both comfortable and supportive. A good bean bag, comfy chair, or storage ottoman can provide ample support while also allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience. Plus, they are great for entertaining guests or hosting game nights.

If you’re looking for even more comfort, think about adding an area for socializing when playing with friends and family. Have cozy couches or chairs set up so everyone can sit back and relax. This space is also perfect for taking breaks between games by chatting or browsing online without disrupting the flow of gameplay.

Finally, don’t forget to invest in a quality computer desk that’s designed with gaming in mind. You don’t want to end up with an uncomfortable desk after all those hours of gaming! The desk should be large enough to accommodate not just your computer but also any other associated accessories such as monitors, keyboards, mouse and more. It should also be ergonomic and adjustable so you can tailor it to fit your body perfectly and minimize any fatigue or pain during lengthy gaming sessions.

How to Create the Ideal Small Bedroom Gaming Room

How to Create the Ideal Small Bedroom Gaming Room

What do you need to do to create the ideal gaming room?

When you’re trying to figure out how to create your gaming setup, you have to take into consideration a few things:

What type of gamer are you?

Are you a PC gamer?

A console gamer?


If you’re a hardcore PC gamer, you’ll probably want to go with a small gaming desk that gets you close to your gaming monitor.

On the other hand, if you’re a console gamer, you may want a large gaming desk with lots of storage and space on your desktop.

You also need to consider the size of your bedroom.

Is it large enough for a full-size gaming desk? Your available space and the primary types of games you’re playing will make all the difference when it comes to how you plan out your setup.

Click here to learn more on how to create the ideal small bedroom gaming room.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Desk For You

How To Choose The Best Gaming Desk For You

Second only to your gaming rig is your gaming desk.

It’s the cornerstone of your whole gaming setup.

If you want to choose the best gaming desk for yourself, whether you have a large gaming room or you’re set up in a small bedroom for a gaming room, you need to pick the correct size, get the right type for your gaming style, make sure it’s made with high quality materials, and has all the features that you want.

The best gaming desk will set you up for success in your gaming sessions, be able to store your games and gaming equipment in their storage bins – whether shelves or drawers – which will help keep them safe, clean, and will have all your controllers and peripherals within reach.

Besides being great as your battle station and for gaming, these specialized desks can also serve multiple purposes as great work desks.

But what features do you need to look for in a good gaming desk?

To learn more about the specifics on how to choose the best gaming desk for you click here. 

Small Gaming Desks

Small Gaming Desks

When you only have limited space, the gaming desk you choose has to carefully fit into your plans.

There are so many great gaming desks available online, but not all of them are designed with gamers in mind.

The reality is that most gaming desks look like they were built for office workers who play video games.

The best small gaming desk we’ve found is the Eureka Call of Duty Desk.

But it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. Some people may prefer a desk without the LED lights and over-the-top design, or a gaming desk with a feminine touch.

So you probably still have questions like:

  • What other options do I have?
  • How do even choose the right one?
  • What kind of gaming desk should I get?
  • Where can I get my gaming desk online?

Click here to learn more about the best small gaming desks

L-Shaped Gaming Desks

best desks dual monitors

When space is limited it might not even be possible to fit in a big desk.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that if you use an l-shaped corner desk you can expand the available space by using areas of your room that would otherwise not be used.

And there are a lot of l-shaped corner desks available online.

However, what you see most of the time when it comes to corner desks is that they are decidedly NOT gaming desks.

Most l-shaped desks are just normal desks that can be used for gaming.

When you have a small bedroom, then you don’t have a lot of space, and you may not have a ton of money to spend. That means you need to find a way to maximize every inch of floor space you have. A gaming desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any gamer’s home!

The best l-shaped corner gaming desk we’ve found is the Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Corner Desk.

It’s the perfect fit for small bedrooms and other small spaces like dorm rooms and apartments.

It doesn’t matter what your favorite video game is, this desk will fit great into your gaming space.

Still curious? Click here to learn more about the best l-shaped gaming desks.

Large Gaming Desks

Large Gaming Desks

When you’re putting together your gaming room ideas you might realize that the space you have for a desk is bigger than what you originally thought.

You might have a large living room or a spare bedroom that you’d love to turn into a dedicated gaming area.

If you have a larger space, then you’ll have plenty of choices for a gaming desk.

We’ve seen some amazing gaming desks online that are designed specifically for gaming.

Our pick for the best large gaming desk is the Flexispot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk.

This desk can not only be a great solution for your gaming room needs, it can also serve as a great work desk and is height-adjustable which means that it easily adjusts to a fully standing desk.

Read our guide breaking down several of the best large desks for a small bedroom gaming room here. 

How to Convert a Small Bedroom Into a Gaming Room

How to Convert a Small Bedroom Into a Gaming Room

Unless you plan on completely gutting a room beforehand, converting a small bedroom into a gaming room isn’t nearly as difficult as one may think. As long as you keep certain things in mind to help you plan and design your ideal space, you should run into few issues, if any, during the process.

For larger projects, you might need to remove closet doors and move – or remove – the bed that could be in the way of where you want to set up. This process is likely also going to require rearranging furniture and other items in the room until you get the most comfortable result. Smaller projects will take less time and may just require placing a desk in the room and setting up your eGaming electronics and accessories.

Setting up a small bedroom gaming setup the right way can be challenging.

But with a little creativity and ingenuity you can make it work.

You can convert an existing bedroom, a spare bedroom, or even an office, into a great gaming area.

The key is to think outside of the box when designing your new gaming space.

When you’re converting a small bedroom into a gaming room, the way you put it together depends on whether someone is going to be living in that same room, or if you’re just converting a spare bedroom into your gaming space.

If someone is going to continue to live in that bedroom then you’re going to have to get very creative and clever with your game room ideas because not only do you have to accommodate the new gear you’re going to be bringing in for your game room setup, but also you’ll have to figure out how to arrange the existing bedroom furniture to accommodate the new gaming gear

The essentials you’re going to need will be the right gaming desk for the space and your gaming chair. Then you need to decide what kind of shelving and storage options you’re going to need – especially if you plan on displaying your collectibles and memorabilia.

You also need to take into consideration what kind of lighting you’re going to need – are you planning on using LED lights for ambient lighting?

The natural light that comes into a gaming room may be distracting if you’re going for the whole gaming room vibe, so you’ll need to account for that too.

Still curious? Click here to learn more about how to convert a small bedroom into a gaming room.

Average Cost of a Small Bedroom Gaming Room Conversion

Average Cost of a Small Bedroom Gaming Room Conversion

The average cost of a small bedroom gaming room conversion can be anywhere from $50-$100 to cover the cost of getting a couple posters for your walls, to $20,000 to $35,000 or more if you’re going for the full-immersion Star Wars look & feel of a Imperial Star Destroyer.  It really depends entirely on your budget and the size of the project. 

There are so many factors that you need to take into consideration. Some of these factors include the size of the room, the type of furniture used, the amount of space needed, etc.

But there’s more to it than that.

When you’re setting up a gaming room in a small bedroom here is what you need to incorporate into your design:

  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Storage
  • An HDTV
  • Decorations
  • Gaming Desk & Chair
  • Good Speakers & Audio Equipment
  • Soundproofing

Want to dig deeper? Click here to learn more about the average cost of a small bedroom gaming room conversion.

How to Change Your Gaming Room Setup

How to Change Your Gaming Room Setup

If you already have a gaming room setup and it doesn’t feel comfortable, there are some quick and easy changes you can make to the space to improve it.

Changing up your gaming room can be as simple as rearranging furniture, adding a new coat of paint to the walls or changing out the rug underfoot.

You can also go for the full monty by replacing all of the furniture, decorating the entire room and even installing a sound proofing system to ensure you get the most immersive gaming experience possible.

It all depends on how much time and effort you want to invest in the change.

For example, a small thing you can do to bring new life and change things up in your gaming room is upgrade your gaming chair.

There are several gaming chairs on the market that claim to be the best but the true best gaming chairs will have plenty of lumbar support, side padding, and adjustable heights to customize the fit to your body.

Other changes you make to the room could be as simple as changing the paint color on the walls or installing soundproof material inside of the room.

How To Create a Theme For Your Setup

How To Create a Theme For Your Setup

If the retro theme we previously mentioned isn’t your thing, you can still customize the space to your liking. If you enjoy the outdoors just as much as you do video games, consider adding potted plants to the space or putting up photographs of nature. If you’re really into FPS games, themify your gaming room Call of Duty style.

Regardless of the theme you choose, it should fit what your personal interests are. Not only will this allow you to feel more comfortable in that setting but your friends and others can get a good idea of who you are as a person by seeing your gaming room.

Click here to read our guide on how to create a theme for your gaming room setup.

Things To Keep In Mind While Creating A Small Bedroom Gaming Setup

Things To Keep In Mind While Creating A Small Bedroom Gaming Setup

When creating and designing a small bedroom gaming room, bearing in mind your budget and the amount of space you have to work with is essential. Knowing and sticking to these stipulations will help keep your project on track and eliminates any unwelcome surprises during the conversion process.

If you’re a renter, it’s also important to make yourself aware of any specific regulations that could put a stopper in your design plans. For example, some rental properties may not allow you to hammer things into your walls. Additionally, you should also consider how many others live in your home and what your preferred gameplay is.

Here are the things you should keep in mind throughout the process to ensure you create an ideal setup in less time and with fewer surprises along the way.

  1. The Space You Have to Work With For Your Gaming Setup
  2. Your Overall Budget
  3. Preferred Gameplay
  4. Renter Regulations
  5. Others in Your Home

Still curious? Click here to learn more about the things you need to keep in mind while creating a small bedroom gaming setup.

31 Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas and Set Ups

31 Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas and Set Ups

If you’re struggling with ideas for making your small bedroom gaming room space fit your personality, we’ve compiled a list of 31 different ideas and setups for you to consider. Whether you want to give the space a full makeover, or you’re just trying to figure out how to make the most out of less square footage, there’s an idea here for you.

Creating a space that fits well to your personality doesn’t have to be difficult. By keeping in mind what we’ve mentioned above and utilizing this list, you’re sure to create an ideal space.

From retro setups to minimalist closet setups, there’s an idea out there for every type of taste and budget.

1. Retro Gaming Room Setup

The retro style is making a pretty big comeback in terms of interior design and this style fits extremely well with gaming rooms. Neon light strips and throwback decor of older consoles and games add a unique touch to the space that can really help you get into the zone while playing any game.

This style also doesn’t require a large space as you can do a lot with the right lighting and wall decor. If you want to take it an extra step further, coordinate the room decor with your preferred gaming system. If Xbox is your preferred console, consider finding decor from OG Xbox games. For Playstation fans, scatter the X,O, Square, and Triangle buttons throughout the room.

Regardless of your preferred console or gravitation toward PC gaming, there are plenty of options for you to choose from in terms of retro decor. Pinterest user Mischief has an excellent example of a stylish retro gaming room setup.

2. Minimalist Gaming Room Setup

While some gamers want to go the whole nine yards with their gaming space, others may gravitate toward a more minimalist approach. Despite what some may initially believe, a minimalist gaming setup is more than just a desk, chair, and monitor. In some ways it’s just that, but a minimalist gaming room will generally stick to neutral colors or black and white. The space is uncluttered and there are specific homes for each item.

A minimalist gaming room can be achieved by sticking to natural decor, like house plants, and choosing a desk or shelving unit that looks sleek and modern to hold everything you need. Check out this Pinterest example of a minimalist gaming setup.

3. Mounted Multi Monitor Gaming Room Setup

As any serious gamer knows, having multiple monitors running at a time is essential in creating an ideal gaming environment. However, monitors take up space and that’s something a small gaming room doesn’t really have to spare. To remedy this, consider mounting your additional screens on the wall closest to your primary monitor.

Wall mounts are generally pretty inexpensive but you should double check to make sure your monitor is compatible with a mount before purchasing. Most current monitor models and custom creations are mount-compatible, so this likely won’t be an issue.

It’s relatively simple to install a wall mount as you just need to secure it to the wall and then secure the monitor to the mount system. However, be sure to carefully follow the provided instructions to avoid any mishaps.

For inspiration, check out this Pinterest example from Flexispot.

4. Gaming Setup With a Small Desk

When you only have so much space to work with, it’s important to choose furniture that doesn’t make the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic. While a smaller desk may not seem like a good idea, what with all of the equipment it needs to hold, you can actually create the ideal space with a slimmer desk.

Consider mounting your monitors above the desk to give yourself even more space to work with. Mounting your monitors will allow you to store all of the necessary accessories as well as your gaming console, keyboard, and hard drive. You may even be able to mount your hard drive depending on the model.

This GeekTechDigital Pinterest post provides a great example to fuel your inspiration.

5. Floating Desk Gaming Setup

A floating desk gaming setup allows you to have more space underneath the desk table to store everything you need to optimize your gaming experience. Depending on the height you install the table, you may choose to install a mini beverage fridge to keep refreshments in. This way, you don’t need to risk losing a game by leaving the room for snacks and drinks.

Floating desks also add a modern touch to any space, making it ideal for people who like maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. Not only does it create a nice aesthetic, but floating desks also offer maximum functionality too. Without pesky desk table legs getting in the way as you move in your seat, you have full range of motion to make yourself comfortable while gaming.

Pinterest user Alex shows us their floating desk gaming setup here:

6. Top Bunk Gaming Setup

Bunk beds aren’t just for kids. In a small bedroom, a might consider installing bunk beds and using one of the bunks as a designated gaming space. Add a tent to the top bunk and create a cozy atmosphere to satisfy all of your console gaming needs. This also comes in handy if you’re in a dorm and you need to share room with other people.

You could also create a PC gaming nest in your top bunk by investing in a portable bed table or tray. However, you’ll need to be sure that the table is stable as a mattress doesn’t provide the same hard and flat surface that a desk or table would.

Check out Pinterest user Krista Wall’s top bunk tent setup:

7. Vertical Monitor Gaming Room Setup

If you’re working with a tiny amount of space, consider investing in a second monitor with vertical compatibility. This way, you can install the monitor vertically and still have two separate monitors to switch between. Because most monitors are rectangular in shape, its dimensions make the monitor slimmer when installed vertically.

Using a vertical monitor setup can free up valuable space for other gaming essentials. This type of setup also adds a unique style element to the room and could also serve as a good conversation starter amongst your other gamer friends.

This Pinterest post via Reddit is the perfect vertical monitor inspiration for your small gaming room.

8. Peg Board Gaming Storage

Peg boards are good for more than just your typical garage power tool storage. Peg boards are also excellent for storing your gaming accessories like headphones and additional controllers. You can also add small shelves onto the board to store games, movies, and even little potted succulents to add a natural feel to the room.

This method allows you to free up space on your desk and other shelves to make the room feel more open and look bigger than it actually is. While the traditionally peg board comes in a corky brown color, you can find them in just about every other color of the rainbow. When all else fails, you can always paint it to match your aesthetic.

This Pinterest post by user flo shows plenty examples of what you can store using a peg board.

9. Bedroom Closet Gaming Station

Closets in a small bedroom are a Godsend if you plan on converting the space into a gaming room. Empty the space out and remove any closet bars and doors. Now you have a nook where you can add a desk and all of your gaming equipment without it taking up a lot of space in the main part of the bedroom.

Although a closet might seem too small to be functional, even the most confined of spaces can serve you well as a gaming nook. After all, the only thing you really need to have in that nook is the items required to actually play your game. All additional accessories and room decor can be placed throughout the room in the main space.

Here’s another Pinterest post from a Reddit user who moved their setup into their closet after their baby was born.

10. Corner Desk Gaming Setup

For exceptionally small rooms, you might consider using a diagonal corner desk to set up your main battle station. This desk design allows you to have more space to store everything you need without protruding too far into the room. With that said, these desks are usually more compact than others so you’ll need to brainstorm additional storage ideas for the items you don’t need all the time.

This type of setup is ideal for gamers who like a minimalist look and like to keep their belongings compact.

Wayfair’s Pinterest account posted an example of a corner desk gaming setup to provide inspiration for your small space.

11. Loft Bed Gaming Setup

Similarly to bunk beds, loft beds are ideal for gaming setup in small bedrooms. This type of bed allows you to have a specific area to install a desk and the necessary gaming equipment without worrying about sacrificing bed space. The space under a loft bed is plentiful enough to house everything you need for an optimal gaming experience.

If you’re a console gamer, consider adding some comfy bean bag chairs to sit in while you play. For PC gamers, you’ll want to be sure that your computer chair easily fits underneath because some chairs can have pretty big heights.

Refer to Andres Gomez Barbosa’s Pinterest post of their loft bed gaming setup for inspiration.

12. Standing Desk Gaming Setup

While standing up may not be ideal for most, sometimes an intense gaming session will call for standing upright and out of your seat. In fact, just about any desk can be used as a standing desk if you’re a console gamer. For PC gamers, on the other hand, you’ll need to choose a standing desk that is at an ergonomic height for your physical build.

Many standing desks currently on the market will be adjustable in some way, so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding a good fit for your height and build. If you do struggle to find one for your body type, building one is relatively simple.

This Pinterest post a la Reddit shows you how to accomplish an effective gaming setup with a standing desk.

13. Fantasy Gaming Theme Setup

A fantasy theme is perfect for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their gaming setup. You can use this theme to make your gaming setup feel like a magical world away from reality. If you’re looking for something a little different, then this is definitely the theme for you.

You can get creative with this theme by choosing colors that match your favorite games or characters. You can also go for a darker color scheme to create a moody atmosphere.

14. RPG Gaming Theme Setup

RPGs are known for being complex, story-driven titles that require a lot of attention to detail.

Themes like this one allow you to focus on the game instead of spending time trying to figure out which button does what. It’s always nice to have a few extra minutes to enjoy the scenery around you rather than focusing on the action going on inside the game.

15. Adventure Gaming Theme Setup

If you’d prefer a more relaxed gaming environment, then you should check out these themes. These themes are great for relaxing after a long day of work or school. Think about Indiana Jones, The Lord of The Rings, and Avatar.

16. Racing Gaming Theme Setup

Racing has been a popular genre since its inception in the early 1980s. With the advent of video games, racing games have become even more popular.

If you‘re looking for a themed gaming setup, then this is definitely one of the best options. You can pick a car color scheme that matches your favorite team or driver.

17. Sports Gaming Theme Setup

Sports gaming themes are great for sports fans who love playing sports-based video games like Madden Football, FIFA Soccer, and or EA Sports’ new MLB game. You can pick a theme based on your favorite team or player.

18. Horror Gaming Theme Setup

Horror themes are perfect for horror lovers who enjoy playing scary video games. Whether you’re into Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or Dead Space, you can easily find a horror theme that fits your tastes.

19. Sci Fi Gaming Theme Setup

Sci fi themes are great for sci-fi fans who enjoy playing science fiction-themed video games. This theme is perfect for Star Wars fans who want to play through the classic trilogy.

20. Military Gaming Theme Setup

Military themes are great for military enthusiasts who enjoy playing war-themed video games. You can pick a color scheme that matches your country’s flag or army.

21. Historical Gaming Theme Setup

Historical themes are great for history buffs who enjoy playing historical-themed video games. For example, if you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed, then this is the theme for you. You can choose a color scheme that matches the era in which the game takes place.

22. Fantasy Gaming Theme Setup

Fantasy themes are great for gamers who enjoy playing fantasy-themed video games. If you’d like to play a roleplaying game, then this is definitely a good option.

23. Modern Warfare Gaming Theme Setup

Modern warfare themes are great for modern warfare enthusiasts who enjoy playing war themed video games. This theme would be perfect for Call Of Duty fans.

24. First Person Shooter Gaming Theme Setup

First person shooter (FPS) gaming has always been wildly popular and there are no shortage of theme ideas for these games like HALO, Rainbow 6, and Half-life 2.

25. MMORPG Gaming Theme Setup

MMORPG gaming themes are great for MMO players who enjoy playing massively multiplayer online roleplaying games.

27. Real Time Strategy Gaming Theme Setup

Real time strategy (RTS) might be a very niched down type of game, but still there are numerous people who are passionate about games in 0 A.D. With a little creativity, you could create a very cool gaming setup based on your favorite RTS game.

28. Battle Station Gaming Theme Setup

Battle stations are amazing gaming setups that put you into the virtual cockpit of your gaming world with all the controls at your fingertips for everything you could possibly need for console gaming or PC gaming. These are usually large setups with a bigger selection of peripherals and controls.

29. Movie Themed Gaming Setup

Movie themed gaming themes are great for movie fans who enjoy playing movies-themed video games. There are plenty of options to choose from including Marvels Cinematic Universe (MCU), Batman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, etc.

30. Action Game Themed Gaming Setup

Action game themed gaming themes are great if you love action-packed games like Halo, Gears Of War, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, etc. And you can get some really cool gear to decorate your gaming space to create the most immersive experience possible.

31. Arcade Themed Gaming Room Setup

This kind of theme is really popular with mancaves where you’ve got a lot more space and your passion is old school games like Pac-Man and Galaga. This will be one of the more expensive approaches to setting up your gaming room, but you can also be clever and use old school retro devices to house your gaming monitors and gear too.

How Big Should A Gaming Room Be?

A minimum size for a gaming room is usually 10 by 10, or 100 square meters, which is the average room size for a bedroom. This would be enough space for a gaming desk, chair and other accessories in addition to other items in the room.

The size of the room doesn’t necessarily dictate its purpose. You can also use this space for anything else you’d like to do. It’s all about how much space you’re willing to sacrifice for the convenience of having a dedicated gaming space.

You’ll want a room that can accommodate all of your gaming equipment, soundproofing, consoles, desks, and gaming chairs.

And don’t forget to include shelves and storage for your memorabilia and collectibles.

It’s important to think about whether there’s enough space for friends who want to come over and play video games with you before setting up a game­room.

In addition, the size of the gaming screen you’ll be using will impact the gaming space too.

If you have a large gaming TV, you can play video games at a greater viewing distance, and that opens up possibilities for having a larger gaming room. It’s especially important for console gaming.

There are many factors that go into determining the size of a gaming room.

If you’re still curious and want to learn more, click here to keep learning what is a good size for a gaming room.

Other Small Space Ideas For A Gaming Room

Other Small Space Ideas For A Gaming Room

So what do you do if you’ve got a small space but it’s not an entire bedroom? Here are some more small space gaming ideas that should help you get started.

Nook Gaming Room Setup

So you don’t have an extra bedroom, and all your other options are out the window. What do you do?

If all you have is a small nook to set up your gaming station, it may seem like your options are limited, but that’s not really the case.

If you want to set up a nook gaming station for yourself, you’ll first need to rearrange the space, choose the perfect spot, and buy the right equipment. To create an excellent gaming nook, you need great creative ambient lighting, comfortable chairs, the right desks, the right storage and shelves, and your favorite games.

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Family Gaming Room Setup

A family gaming room will help you bond with your kids and teach them valuable skills like teamwork, problem solving, etc. It also gives you an excuse to spend time together without being connected to your phone.

One of the best features in older homes is the formal living room. Most new homes built today don’t include these rooms anymore because they weren’t used very often.

If you’re lucky enough to have an old house with one of these old formal living rooms, then it makes sense to use that room to set up a gaming room for yourself and your family.

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Small Form Factor Gaming Room Setup

You probably think of a small space with a few shelves and a desk when you hear the term ‘small form factor gaming room.’

But what if I told you that there were many other great uses for these spaces?

There are lots of cool things you can put together to create a small form factor gaming space that will blow your mind!

To set up a small form factor gaming room setup, as long as you have a desk, a gaming chair, speakers, gaming headsets, and a good bit of creativity – you can create a modern game setup that will fit your available space perfectly and serve you well.

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Closet Gaming Room Setup

When the space for your gaming room is limited, or just not available, you have to get creative.

And setting up a gaming room in a closet is fantastic way to create an amazing space while thinking out side the box at the same time!

A small gaming room can be set up in your closet, but maximizing the space is the key.

You must think strategically about the essentials that you need and use vertical real estate as much as possible.

But as long as there’s space for a desk, monitor and gaming rig, gaming console, gaming chair, gaming accessories and you get the aesthetics right, you can create an awesome small gaming room in your bedroom.

Click here to get inspiration and ideas for a closet gaming room setup.

Next Steps

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