Remodel Reality Calculators & Tools

Welcome to Remodel Reality's Calculators & Tools page! Designed with the homeowner in mind, to simplify your building, landscaping, and construction needs, I currently feature several different calculators that translate your project requirements into tangible, actionable steps. This space is continuously evolving with an array of tools and resources on the horizon. Keep an eye on this page as we expand our suite of digital tools to aid you in all of your project planning needs.

Concrete Calculator

Laying the foundation for your construction project is now effortless with our Concrete Calculator. Enter your project's specifications, and this tool will offer an exact estimate of the concrete needed. Whether you're pouring a slab, patio, footing, or column, achieve accurate quantities to guarantee a robust structure. For optimal outcomes, cross-check with your concrete supplier's guidelines.

Polymeric Sand Calculator

Navigating your paving project just became simpler with our Polymeric Sand Calculator. Input your project dimensions, and this tool will provide an accurate estimate of the polymeric sand required. Whether you're setting up a patio, walkway, or driveway, get precise measurements to ensure a seamless finish. For best results, cross-reference with your sand supplier's recommendations.

Our Brick Calculator streamlines your construction preparations. Select your brick type, input wall dimensions, and provide cost details. Within seconds, you'll receive a comprehensive breakdown of bricks, mortar, sand, and associated costs. For the most precise results, it's recommended to consult a local supplier.

Posthole Concrete & Gravel Calculator

Streamline your fencing or decking project with our Post Hole Concrete and Gravel Calculator. Whether you're working with round or square posts, this tool effortlessly estimates the volume of concrete and gravel required. Simply input the number of post holes, post shape, dimensions, and local concrete prices. In moments, you'll have a clear understanding of materials and costs, ensuring a smooth and efficient project from start to finish. Remember, for a sturdy installation, the hole's diameter should be thrice the post's and its depth half the post's total length.

Navigating the world of interior painting just got a whole lot easier with our Paint Calculator. Tailored for precision, this tool factors in the dimensions of your walls, as well as the number of doors and windows, to provide an estimate of the paint required. Simply input the height and width of the room, specify the number of doors and windows, and let the calculator do the rest. Remember, it's always better to be prepared, and our Paint Calculator ensures just that.

Our Topsoil Calculator is designed to simplify your gardening tasks. Whether you're laying a new lawn, creating a flower bed, or doing on any other kind landscaping venture, this tool will provide you with accurate estimates of the amount of topsoil you'll need. By inputting area dimensions, desired topsoil depth, and selecting the type of topsoil, you'll receive precise calculations of the cubic feet, weight, and even the number of pallets or truckloads required.

The Remodel Reality mulch calculator is a handy tool I designed to help estimate the amount of mulch required for a landscaping project. By entering the dimensions of your garden or landscaped area, along with the desired depth of mulch coverage, it calculates the total cubic feet and cubic yards of mulch needed. It also approximates the number of mulch bags and pallets you'll require, based on standard bag and pallet sizes, making it easier to plan your purchases and project costs.

My sod calculator takes out the guesswork from your landscaping projects by providing precise estimates of the amount of sod required for your space, regardless of its shape. Just input the dimensions of your lawn, and in an instant, you'll know the total square footage of sod required, the number of sod pieces, and the number of pallets you need to get that lush, green lawn you've always wanted.