3 Reasons Why Everyone’s Talking About Nature Stone for Indoor Spaces


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In this guide, we’re digging deep into the realm of nature stone flooring – a topic that’s generated quite the buzz in home improvement circles. Curious homeowners and professionals alike often ask, “Is nature stone really suitable for indoor use?” The answer? An emphatic yes. But there’s more to the story than just a one-word answer. What about its durability? Is it compatible with high traffic areas like kitchens? Does it require any special treatment for bathroom installations? And hold on – what about the cost per square foot? Maybe you’ve heard rumors about its moisture resistance, but is there any truth to that? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of nature stone flooring that will leave no stone unturned (pun intended)!

  1. Nature Stone Suitability for Indoor Use: Nature stone is a versatile and durable choice, making it highly suitable for various indoor applications, including living rooms and kitchens.
  2. Variety and Beauty of Nature Stone: This flooring option boasts a unique blend of different natural stones, offering homeowners a vast array of styles and finishes to choose from.
  3. Maintenance and Durability: While nature stone requires some regular maintenance, its long lifespan and resilience against wear make it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.
  4. Cost and Value Proposition: The price of nature stone can vary, but its longevity, beauty, and unique properties often justify the investment for many homeowners.
  5. Comparative Advantages: When compared with other flooring options like ceramic, or porcelain tiles, nature stone often emerges as a top choice for those seeking an authentic, natural look with added benefits.

The Stone Cold Truth: Is Nature Stone Right for Indoors?

You’re here because you’ve heard whispers about the allure of Nature Stone for indoor flooring. Maybe it’s the unique look or its durability. Whatever it is, you want to know: Is Nature Stone suitable for indoor use? Dive into the intricate world of flooring and let’s rock and roll!

The Inside Scoop on Nature Stone

Ever walked into a home and thought, “That floor looks incredible!”? It could’ve been Nature Stone flooring. With the beauty of natural stone and the resilience of patent-pending epoxy, it’s no wonder people are considering it for their interiors.

Natural Stone vs. Nature Stone: The Showdown

In my experience, some folks get a tad confused between natural stone tiles and Nature Stone flooring. Here’s the scoop:

  • Natural stone tiles: Think of white marble, travertine tiles, or granite tile. Classic options with unique properties that lend them to various types of flooring.
  • Nature Stone: A blend of natural stone with a special epoxy. It results in a flooring material that’s got the aesthetics of natural stone but with some added benefits.

Indoor Elegance Meets Outdoor Durability

Nature Stone flooring isn’t just a pretty face. This brand flooring is known for being durable enough for outdoor use – yes, even pool decks! But just because it’s tough out there doesn’t mean it can’t shine indoors. With its slip resistance and water resistant qualities, it’s a wonderful choice for places like the kitchen or the living room. Imagine spilling a glass of wine and not having a mini panic attack. (I don’t condone spilling wine, though. That’s a tragedy of its own kind.)

Diverse Looks for Different Folks

There’s a wide variety of colors available, from neutral colours to more vibrant hues. Want a floor that mimics the sparkling white marble? Or maybe something reminiscent of French limestone flooring? You got it. And since we’re talking about a blend, no two floors will ever look exactly the same. So, if you’re someone who values a unique look, Nature Stone has your back.

Maintenance? More Like ‘Main-easy-nance’

If you’re like me and the thought of regular maintenance gives you the jitters, here’s some good news. Nature Stone requires little maintenance. A quick sweep and mop are generally all it takes. No need for fancy repair kits or water extraction systems. And in the unlikely event of water damage? It can stand up to it like a champ.

Making the Right Flooring Choice

There are a ton of flooring options out there – ceramic tile, porcelain tiles, other types of natural stones. Choosing can feel like you’re a kid in a candy store, except every candy costs several dollars per square foot. But if you’re looking for a floor covering that combines the authentic nature stone look with durability, Nature Stone could be your excellent choice. Just remember to weigh the pros against any additional cost, consider your space, and make an informed decision. Your feet (bare or otherwise) will thank you.

Designer Dreams Come True

Ask any interior designer, and they’ll tell you: the floor can make or break a room. Nature Stone offers an aesthetic that can elevate any space. Whether you’re tackling an upcoming project or just daydreaming about future renovations, keep this option on your radar.

Comprehensive Overview of Nature Stone Flooring

If you’ve ever stepped foot on a luxurious floor and thought, “This feels heavenly!”, chances are, it might be Nature Stone flooring. Ever wondered what makes it feel so grand? Let’s dive deep into the world of Nature Stone flooring and understand its magic.

The Grandeur of NATURE STONE Flooring

Picture this: a seamless blend of natural stones, giving you showroom quality right in your living space. Sounds impressive? That’s because it is. NATURE STONE, a leader in the stone and epoxy flooring realm in the U.S.A, is known for its authenticity and charm. It’s not just another brand flooring; it’s an experience.

Breaking Down the Build

Nature Stone is not your ordinary type of stone. The ingenious combination of small stones and a patent-pending epoxy creates a unique look. This brand flooring, apart from looking splendid, is built to last. In my experience, every time I’ve walked over a Nature Stone floor, it felt different – in a good way, of course!

Features that Make Nature Stone Shine

You’d think that a flooring option this luxurious is all about aesthetics. But here’s where Nature Stone floors surprise you. Beyond the beauty, there are functional perks galore.

Addressing the Concrete Concern

Got uneven concrete floors? Nature Stone fixes those concrete floors like a charm. No more looking down and frowning at those unsightly blemishes on your floor.

Insulation Like No Other

One of the unique properties of Nature Stone flooring is its insulation rating. Not only does it provide a comfortable surface to walk on, but it also maintains the temperature, ensuring you don’t get cold feet (literally).

Sticking to Perfection

A floor is only as good as its ability to stay intact. With its adhesive properties, Nature Stone flooring adheres like a dream. No worries about water penetration or loose ends. It’s seamless, both in look and function.

Advantages that Set Nature Stone Apart

Alright, by now, you’re convinced Nature Stone is beautiful and functional. But how does it fare in everyday scenarios, especially indoors?

Built to Last… And Last

One word: durable. With the combo of stone and epoxy, it’s built to withstand the daily hustle and bustle. Be it the kids running around or accidentally dropping your favorite vase; it stands tall.

No More Stain Strain

We’ve all been there. That heart-sinking moment when red wine spills on the floor. But with Nature Stone’s stain-resistant quality, you can kiss those worries goodbye. (Though wasting good wine is a tragedy in its own right!)

Safety First

If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of a safe and dry floor. Slips can be more than just a minor inconvenience. Nature Stone ensures that your indoor settings remain safe and dry. That means more peace of mind and fewer unexpected slides.

A Promise of Longevity

There’s an old saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice.” With Nature Stone, the mantra is different. Invest once and enjoy a long-lasting experience. Given its resilience and charm, it’s clear why it’s a popular choice among homeowners.

Type and Composition of Nature Stone

Ever stepped on a floor that just feels…right? I mean, it’s solid underfoot, looks fantastic, and seems like it could survive a zombie apocalypse? Well, that heavenly experience might just be courtesy of Nature Stone. Let’s unpack the magic that goes into this magnificent flooring and explore its composition.

Epoxy Not So Sticky Situation

Okay, let’s break this down. At the heart of Nature Stone flooring is the epoxy formula. And no, we’re not talking about the average, run-of-the-mill epoxy. We’re discussing a high-quality resin that promises consistent quality. UV rays from the sun trying to tarnish your floor’s glow? No problem! This epoxy offers fantastic UV resistance. Remember that time when I tried to DIY my garage flooring? Let’s just say understanding the quality of epoxy became a hard (and sticky) lesson.

Rocking the Stone Types

Buckle up because we’re about to dive deep into the rock world. The type of stone used in Nature Stone flooring is nothing short of premium. From the smooth river stones to the elegant marbles, from the sturdy quartz to various other types of natural stone tiles, they’ve got it all covered. Now, you might wonder, why so many? Each type of stone brings its unique charm and properties to the table, ensuring your floor isn’t just another natural stone floor but a blend of the best. It’s like having an all-star rock band right under your feet.

Mixing It Up: Stone to Epoxy Ratio

Now, this isn’t a random toss-up. The proportion of stone to epoxy is pretty much an art and science combined. For the geeks among us, this mix ensures optimal compressive strength. In simple terms? It’s tough. There’s also the introduction of the hydrostatic port, ensuring durability. How thick is it installed, you ask? The installation thickness is just right, ensuring longevity without being overbearing. Believe me, get this ratio wrong, and you might as well be walking on quicksand (and not the fun kind).

When you take a step back (or just step on it), Nature Stone flooring is a testament to meticulous planning, understanding materials, and sheer craftsmanship. The type of stone, the quality of epoxy, and the precise ratio make it stand out.

Keeping the Nature Intact: Maintenance and Care for Nature Stone Indoors

Ever felt like you’re walking on eggshells when it comes to maintaining your fancy flooring? You’ve spent a good deal on it, and now the mere thought of a scratch sends shivers down your spine. But guess what? With Nature Stone flooring, you can bid farewell to those worries and welcome a stress-free maintenance regime. Let’s jump in.

Clean Slate Every Day

We all like things fresh and clean, especially when it comes to our homes. But when you’ve got Nature Stone flooring indoors, the game changes. Not only is regular cleaning a breeze, but the results are outstanding. Start by vacuuming; yes, it’s that simple. No need for an army of cleaning products. But, if you’re the type who wants that extra shine (who doesn’t?), there are specially-formulated cleaning products just for Nature Stone. Imagine the floors gleaming after an everyday cleaning session. In my experience, nothing beats the satisfaction of a spotless floor without breaking a sweat.

Mend the Breaks Before They Break You

Accidents happen. It could be a misplaced hammer or an enthusiastic kid thinking the floor is a canvas. Whatever the case, minor floor damages don’t spell doom for Nature Stone floors. Those handy DIY repair kits are a lifesaver (and no, they’re not like those impossible-to-assemble furniture kits). But, if the damage seems beyond your skill set, there’s always professional service at your beck and call. Remember, it’s better to fix a small problem now than deal with a floor-sized one later.

Coat it Right, Keep it Tight

Here’s where the real magic lies. A protective top coat on Nature Stone flooring is the unsung hero of floor longevity. Think of it as sunscreen for your floors. With it, they can face UV exposure without flinching. Plus, this top coat takes into consideration various environmental conditions, ensuring your floor remains as pristine as day one. And, if you’re worried about it wearing off? Most come with a solid warranty. I once thought, “Who needs a warranty on a floor coat?” And then, one sunny day, I was thankful I had one. Trust me; it’s the protective shield your floor both needs and deserves.

So, while Nature Stone indoors is a visual treat, knowing how to maintain and care for it ensures it remains that way. Whether it’s daily cleaning, repairing, or adding that protective layer, each step is a stride towards perfection. After all, why let your floor age when it doesn’t have to?

Tailoring Floors to Taste: Customization and Design Flexibility with Nature Stone

Have you ever watched a home improvement show and thought, “I wish my floor could reflect my personality like that”? Good news! With Nature Stone, you can actually become the interior designer of your dreams, crafting spaces that echo your style. Let’s dive into this world where your flooring options are only limited by your imagination.

From Bland to Brand: Making Statements with Floors

Imagine stepping onto a floor and being greeted by your family’s monogram or perhaps the logo of your alma mater. With Nature Stone, that’s not just a dream but a beautiful reality. Nature Stone’s vast palette offers a wide variety of colors that can match the mood, theme, or statement you wish to convey. But here’s the kicker: if you thought color was the only play, think again. You can have custom designs, from intricate border designs to expressive patterns, making each square foot a canvas of creativity. I once visited a friend who’d integrated a quote into his living room floor. Every time I read it, I’m reminded of his witty sense of humor. With Nature Stone, you’re not just laying down a floor; you’re crafting a story.

It’s All in the Details

Let’s face it, nobody likes things coming apart at the seams. Nature Stone gets that. That’s why they introduced their flooring expansion strips. These aren’t just functional but add to the aesthetic appeal. Think of them as the subtle lines on a well-tailored suit, defining areas while keeping everything cohesive. And if you’re considering a mix of different types of stone or designs, these strips make sure transitions are smooth and deliberate, ensuring your flooring masterpiece doesn’t miss a beat.

When it comes to customization and design flexibility, Nature Stone isn’t just about flooring; it’s about providing a canvas for expression. Whether you’re going for the timeless elegance of white marble, the rustic charm of travertine stones, or something uniquely you, Nature Stone’s got your back (and your floor). So, why settle for the ordinary when your floor can be an extraordinary reflection of you?

Unveiling the Secrets: Considerations for Nature Stone Flooring

Ever stood in a luxurious hotel lobby and wondered, “Why can’t my home have a floor like this?” Well, the journey to magnificent flooring isn’t as straightforward as you might think. With myriad options available, understanding what’s beneath your feet, and what you should be paying for it, is crucial. Allow me to unravel some of the finer threads for you.

The Price Tag Dance: Balancing Cost and Quality

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: cost. Everyone loves a bargain. But here’s the thing—sometimes what seems like a steal might actually cost you more in the long run. The market is awash with imitations that promise the moon but fall short in performance. Surface preparation, the layer that preludes the final look, can make or break your floor. And then there’s the protective topcoat, which plays the pivotal role of preserving the floor’s charm. In my experience, skimping on surface preparation was like buying a fancy car and opting for low-grade oil. It worked, but not for long, and the repairs… oh boy! The lesson? Understand what you’re paying for. Sometimes, paying a tad more upfront saves a bundle down the road.

Distinguishing the Genuine from the Gimmick

Alright, let’s get to another burning question. Why is authentic nature stone often lauded over its competitors? For starters, there’s a reason brands become brands. With brand flooring, you’re not just buying a floor. You’re investing in research, development, and higher quality materials that have been tried and tested for performance. Authentic nature stone offers an unparalleled blend of durability and aesthetics. And believe me, there’s a tangible difference in quality. I once had a client, an interior designer, who’d swear by the vibrancy and longevity of authentic nature stone. He’d often quip, “Why wear knock-off shoes to the Met Gala?” His point being, if you’re going for quality, go for the real deal.

Nature Stone Flooring is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those eyeing luxury with longevity. However, as with any significant investment, it pays (quite literally) to be informed. Whether you’re considering natural stone tiles for your living room or pondering types of flooring for an upcoming project, remember: an informed choice is always a right choice. So, tread wisely!

The Ultimate Floor-Off: Comparing Nature Stone with Rivals

Ever felt that tickling sensation on your feet as you step on a luxurious floor? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “How does this type of flooring stack up against others?” (I know I have). Navigating the world of flooring can be like navigating a maze – so many turns, so many choices. Let’s dive deep and find the path that’s perfect for your home.

Rockstars and Underdogs: Natural Stone vs. Other Materials

It’s like choosing between a gourmet burger and a dollar-menu sandwich. Both fill the void, but only one leaves a lasting impression. Here’s a breakdown to help you make an informed decision:

Travertine Tiles: An ancient favorite, travertine gives you that Roman-era feel. It’s versatile, and its honed finish ensures slip resistance. However, being a porous product, it demands regular maintenance.

Ceramic Tile: An evergreen popular choice, ceramic is budget-friendly and comes in a wide variety of colors. Yet, its strength doesn’t match up to some natural stone competitors.

Granite Tile: It’s the Hercules of the natural stone family. Known for its high resistance, granite offers durability like no other. Its shine might dazzle, but remember, quality comes with an additional cost.

Porcelain Tiles: The sophisticated cousin of ceramic. It’s more durable and water-resistant. A wonderful choice for those who seek elegance without the hefty price tag of some natural stones.

French Limestone Flooring & Marble Flooring: These are the VIPs of the floor covering world. Associated with opulence, they demand respect (read: care).

Flooring Options Galore: In the end, it boils down to personal preference. Are you looking for longevity, a specific look, or perhaps, a blend of both? It’s essential to understand the pros and cons of flooring types to make the right pick.

Industry Secrets: Insights and Tips from Design Specialists

In the corridors of design, whispered secrets can change the game. Some of the brightest interior designers have spilled the beans on making the best flooring choices:

  • “Variety is the spice of life, but coherence is key. Mixing different types of natural stones can be exciting, but ensure there’s a common thread tying the design together,” opined a renowned designer friend.
  • Another expert, known for her award-winning designs, shared, “Each type of stone has unique properties. Understand the ambiance you want in a room, then choose accordingly. For instance, white marble gives an airy feel, perfect for living rooms.”

Related & Frequently Asked Questions

Diving into the world of nature stone flooring can raise a ton of questions. From understanding its applications to figuring out maintenance routines, there’s a lot to uncover. Dive into our carefully crafted FAQ section to get a clearer picture and make your flooring journey seamless.

Q: Can nature stone flooring be applied over uneven concrete? A: Absolutely. Nature stone flooring is adept at providing a smooth finish over uneven concrete surfaces, making it an excellent choice for areas that need refurbishing.

Q: How do natural stone tiles compare to ceramic and porcelain tiles in terms of maintenance? A: Natural stone tiles, while exuding elegance and durability, may require regular maintenance to retain their luster. In contrast, ceramic and porcelain tiles tend to be low maintenance. However, with the right care, natural stone can remain stunning for a long time.

Q: What’s the key difference between travertine stones and white marble in terms of appearance? A: Travertine stones often have a porous structure and come in neutral colours, presenting an earthy appearance. White marble, on the other hand, is renowned for its pristine, luxurious, and often veined appearance, making it a favorite among interior designers.

Q: How suitable is nature stone for areas like pool decks or patios? A: Nature stone is an ideal choice for outdoor installations like pool decks and patios. Its slip resistance and high resistance to weather elements make it safe and durable for outdoor use.

Q: Is there a difference in finish options for nature stone flooring? A: Yes, nature stone flooring comes in various finishes such as honed, polished, or even a patent-pending epoxy finish. The choice of finish can influence the look, feel, and slip resistance of the flooring.

Q: With the increasing popularity of epoxy stone flooring systems, how does nature stone set itself apart? A: Nature stone offers a blend of natural stone with unique properties that are both aesthetic and functional. While epoxy stone flooring systems combine small stones and epoxy, nature stone emphasizes the authentic beauty of natural stone, providing a unique look that’s hard to replicate.

Q: Is regular maintenance required for nature stone floors? A: While nature stone flooring is known for its durability, like any flooring material, it benefits from regular maintenance. This ensures that it retains its beauty and serves you well for a long time.

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