How to Create the Ideal Small Bedroom Gaming Room


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Creating a gaming room in a small bedroom can be a challenge because it requires creativity and ingenuity.

Big spaces are easier because, well, you have a lot more space to work with.

But if you really want to get the most out of your gaming sessions, you need a dedicated gaming room. But finding space for a dedicated gaming room can be difficult.

If your space is limited and you’ve tried everything else, then maybe it’s time to build your own small bedroom gaming room. This will allow you to get the most out of your gaming time and do it in a place you can call your own.

I’ll show you how to create the perfect small bedroom gaming room. It’s simple, affordable, and requires very little work.

You’ll also learn how to make your gaming room as comfortable as possible. I’ll teach you how to get rid of distractions, set up lighting, and even how to add some personal touches to make your setup truly unique.

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How to Create the Ideal Small Bedroom Gaming Room: Keys To Success

How to Create the Ideal Small Bedroom Gaming Room: Keys To Success

The key to success for any gamer is having designated space to unwind and detach from the rest of the world.

When you’re in a comfortable and relaxed space, it’s much easier to focus all of your attention on the game in front of you. While some gamers may prefer a large setup, you can create the ideal gaming environment in a small bedroom gaming room.

While this may not seem doable at first glance, further thinking will make you realize that all you really need is a computer or console, monitor, and a durable surface to place it on. This may be the simplest form of setup, but there are various unique setup ideas that can help you turn a small space into your own personal escape.

To create the ideal small bedroom gaming room space you have to create a plan and then execute that plan with the right tools and resources.

Install LED RGB Ambiance Lighting

Install LED RGB Ambiance Lighting

If you’re only looking for a small touch to change the atmosphere of your small bedroom gaming room, consider buying some LED lighting.

The ambiance of RGB lighting is created by LED lights that give you the ability to change the color of the lights. While some will only have red, blue, or green options, others will offer the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Natural light isn’t a bad thing either, but depending on the vibe you’re going for, using LED lights in your gaming room setup is always a very cool idea.

You can also set specific time limits or control the brightness of the lights. The ambient lighting these lights provide are controlled by an easy-to-use remote control that will give you the option to customize the overall look of the room at just one touch.

Cozify Your Gaming Setup

While PC gaming requires laser focus, that doesn’t mean you should give up your comfort entirely.

In fact, your comfort may just help you focus even more.

Consider cozifying your gaming setup with a comfortable gaming chair or other padded seating.

Console players generally have a little more wiggle room here as they aren’t required to play so close to the screen.

A cozy atmosphere can also be achieved by using low lighting and keeping the space from getting too cluttered.

Keep blankets or pillows nearby so you can easily reach for them when you need to get more comfortable. Use fairy lights instead of overhead lighting to keep from bringing on a migraine while mid-game.

Give Everything a Home

The key to having an ideal gaming space in a small bedroom, regardless of the square footage of the room, is to keep the space from feeling too claustrophobic.

In order to do this, you need to be sure to have a home for everything in the room. If each item has somewhere to live within the room, it keeps them off the floor and out of the way.

While you don’t need to completely sterilize the entire space, a clutter-free and generally clean area will allow you to focus more on your game than the trash and clutter strewn about. To accomplish this, you might need to purchase additional storage drawers or install a few shelves throughout the room.

Keep Safety in Mind

Keep Safety in Mind

Because gaming requires the use of electronics, fire is always a hazard to be aware of. Although it’s uncommon, gaming systems can overheat and catch fire. For that reason, you should take care to install all of your gaming equipment along a solid wall and away from flowing curtains or other flammable surfaces. If the room is carpeted, consider placing everything on the desk or place a buffer between the floor and your hard drive or console.

It’s also helpful to use a humidifier in the room. You don’t even need a full room humidifier. By simply placing one near your gaming area, you can vastly reduce the static electricity in the area and lower potential fire hazards.

Invest in a Mini-ITX Case

Mini-ITX cases are a compact version of a computer’s motherboard. By using a Mini-ITX case, you can enjoy all of your favorite PC games without sacrificing more space in your small bedroom gaming room. Mini-ITX cases measure out to around 170 mm x 170 mm and can easely be stored on a shelf near your PC.

With that said, it’s important to note that Mini-ITX cases have a power supply of less than 100 W. Depending on your gaming needs, you may need to invest in more than one to get the power you need.

Utilize a TV/Monitor Duo

To cut back on space taken up by electronics, consider using a monitor for both streaming and gaming purposes. There are also TV/monitor duos that allow you to switch between regular cable television, internet gaming, and console gaming. This option can really come in handy for gamers who like to switch between PC and console to play their favorite games.

By getting a multipurpose monitor, you can also save space on your desk by compacting everything to one or two screens.

TV/Monitor Swivels

TV/Monitor Swivels

If you aren’t able to mount your monitors for any reason, you may want to consider using a TV or monitor swivel. Swivels are similar to mounts in that you need to secure your monitor to the device. However, instead of attaching to the wall, swivels have a separate base and you have the ability to move a flat-paned TV or monitor in various directions. This allows you to bring it closer when necessary and push it to the side when you don’t need it.

A TV or monitor swivel will either come in the form of a rod or a sphere. While both look different, they’re installed in a very similar way. However, the spherical swivel design allows for a wider movement range than a rod design.

Under-The-Desk Hangers

To store your gaming accessories, consider using a Command hook or another type of hanger to keep these items out of the way. Depending on the amount of space you have under your desk, you may consider hanging baskets to store things like controllers, headsets, and any other accessories needed for gaming.

You can also create video game controller holders with a few simple items from your nearest dollar store. It doesn’t take much time, money, or effort to create effective storage for small spaces. All you have to do is get a little creative.

Cord and Clamp Organization

How Do I Organize My Cords Under My Desk?

In addition to accessory storage, you’ll also want to find a way to effectively store all of the necessary cords to power your gaming systems. Keeping cords off of the floor is integral in ensuring you protect your space from a fire hazard. It can also completely conceal cords to create a cozier and more pleasant room aesthetic.

While some people may use long baskets under their desk to store power strips, others may choose to install cord clamps underneath their desk to hang cords up and out of the way. Regardless of your chosen method, keeping cords and power strips hidden creates a less distracting gaming atmosphere.

Using Right Angle USB Adapters

Right angle USB adapters are great for areas without much space for the cords needed to effectively setup your gaming rig. Instead of having the USB port on the end of the adapter, a right angle adapter allows you to plug it in where necessary and create a safer and more easily accessible USB connection point.

This unique design also allows you to set up your gaming system in areas of a small bedroom gaming room that may have otherwise been unusable. You can easily place these in the corner of a room without worrying about damaging the cord’s wires or the protective outer layer.

Soundproof Your Setup

Soundproof Your Setup
Very close view of soundproof coverage details in sound recording studio. Musical instruments. Live music. Music studio. Media production

To soundproof a room, you can use superficial material or completely gut the room before installing a more permanent solution. To fully soundproof a small bedroom permanently, you’ll need to rip out the drywall, place the necessary soundproof foam, and replace the drywall. For gaming rooms, it’s best to use bass traps or a soundproofing foam that is at least four inches thick.

For a less invasive method, consider installing acoustic wall paneling along the bedroom’s walls. This will create a soundproof room without needing to completely tear the room apart. To go beyond the walls, consider adding soundproofing to your floors if they’re hardwood and acoustic ceiling tiles to keep sound from seeping in or escaping out of the room.

While soundproofing may not seem necessary, it could make a huge difference if you live in a home with other people who don’t game as much as you.

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