Polymeric Sand Calculator

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Bags Needed: (50lb bags)

Planning a paving project and need to figure out how much polymeric sand you'll need? You've landed in the right spot. With our trusty polymeric sand calculator, you'll have your answer in a jiffy.

Step 1: Measure Your Area: Before you lay those pavers, you'll need to know the size of the area you're working with. In the "Area" section, enter the length and width of each section in feet. If you have multiple areas, just click the "Add Area" button to input more measurements.

Step 2: Specify Joint and Paver Details: Pavers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the gaps between them. Input the width of the joints (in inches) and the thickness of your pavers (also in inches) in their respective fields.

Step 3: Hit That Calculate Button: You're almost there. Once you've filled out all the necessary details, let our calculator do its thing. Click the 'Calculate' button and, in a flash, you'll see the amount of polymeric sand you'll need for your project.

Remember, the values our calculator provides are solid estimates, but they might vary based on the exact paver and joint dimensions. For areas with unique shapes, you might need to dust off that geometry textbook from school (think triangles, the Pythagorean theorem, and other fun formulas). And, of course, for precise quantities and costs, always consult with a local supplier.